Latest Design of Alderon Weather Seal

alderon weather seal tampilan baru

Latest Design of Alderon Weather Seal

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Alderon comes up with the latest design of weather seal accessories to meet the needs of Alderon Twinwall and Alderon Lite roof installations.

Weather Seal Alderon tampilan lama dan baru
Compare Alderon Weather Seal previous and latest design

Roofing bolt or roofing seal is an accessory that serves to connect each roof sheet. Unlike the other bolts, Alderon Weather Seal consists of a bolt, seal cap, bolt cap, and rubber seal ring. The 7 cm Alderon roof bolts are made of a material that is not easy to expand even when exposed to extreme weather changes.

The latest Alderon Weather Seal has a slight functional difference from the previous weather seal, this latest design is an improvement from the old design not only in appearance but also in function, as well as provides security assurance and accentuates the originality of Alderon products.

cara membedakan alderon asli dan palsu

The new appearance of the bottom of the seal cap and the top of the bolt cap is now carved with the Alderon logo to assure the authenticity of the product. The latest weather seal design also adds a thread feature so the bolt cover does not easily pop up from the seal cap when it is expanding or shrinking.­­­

In terms of packaging, Alderon Weather Seal is no longer packed by using plastic but with cardboard boxes, It is labeled with product information (Alderon Twinwall Weather Seal type 830, 860, and Alderon Lite – specifically outside of Java) on the top.

That’s all of the latest specifications from Alderon Weather Seal that we present to maintain the quality and originality of Alderon products. Make sure you always use genuine Alderon products for your roof installation needs.

Visit this article to find out the difference between genuine and fake Alderon. If you have further questions regarding the product, please fill out the form or contact us at 021 2188 2099/2001 or

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