Alderon is an innovative and high performance twinwall corrugated roofing that provides multiple solutions for your roofing needs.

Alderon is made from uPVC material that is re-formulated and re-engineered to enhance the structural performance of the customary uPVC material, making it outperforms the regular uPVC roofing products in the market.

alderon twinwall 830 860 asa protection garansi 15 tahun

Superior Durability

And Color Retention

Alderon® is fortified by UV resistant feature to protect the sheet from the sun’s ultra violet radiation and severe weather condition, ensuring not only its durability but also the beauty of Alderon® throughout the years.

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Heat Insulation

Air is a natural and outstanding heat insulation. The specially-designed insulating airspaces in Alderon twinwall structure, combined with the low heat conductivity of Alderon material make them an excellent barrier to heat transfer. It significantly reduces the heat coming from outside, keeping the room temperature stable, saving your electricity cost, and at the same time lowering your cost installation. So, no more hassle and spending unnecessary cost installing the additional heat insulation foil under your roof.

This particular Alderon twinwall feature also helps reduce the sound, specially when there is a heavy rain outside. The laboratory test shows that our 10mm thickness Alderon can reduce the sound up to approximately 27% (ASTM E90).


Remarkably Strong

And Rigid

Alderon unique formula and its twinwall structures offers extraordinary impact strength and rigidity.

The recommended purlins spacing for Alderon installation that can reach up to 1200mm will allow you to do a quicker installation, and ultimately save your structure cost.



Chemical Resistance

Alderon is highly engineered to withstand the challenging environment such as harsh chemical and industrial pollutant. It is resistant to most acids, alkalis, organic solvents, oil and grease.




Alderon is made to win out over the corrosive environment that traditional roofs cannot resolve at a feasible cost. Alderon is resistant to rot, rust, blistering and flaking.


Colors & Translucent


Alderon is available in choice of attractive colors.

The special Alderon formulation offers performance advantages over other translucent roofs, plus the UV protection is included for long-term retention of aesthetic and light transmitting properties.

Twinwall Corrugated


The Anatomy

Anatomi alderon twinwall


spesifikasi ukuran panjang lebar tebal alderon twinwall
Type Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Effective Width (mm) Height (mm) Pitch (mm) Weight* (kg/Lm) Length** (mm) Colors
Doff Translucent
Alderon 830 10 885 830 40 166 4.8 11,900 Blue White
Alderon IDH 860^ 10 963.3 860 45 215 4.5 11,900 Blue, White, Grey, Black -
Alderon ID 860^ 10 922 860 40 215 4.6 11,900 Blue, White, Grey White
Alderon ID 830 A.S.A^ 10 892 830 40 166 4.5 11,900 Red -

* Kg/Lm is weight per linear meter. Weight tolerance +/- 5%
** Length can be customized according to your need, subject to minimum order quantity
^ Available for project only


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Alderon Twinwall Brochure

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Other Features

Of Alderon Twinwall Corrugated

Easy Cleaning Surface

Thank to its specials formula, Alderon comes with a surface that can easily repel dirt. Its smooth surface also helps to encourage the water flow.


Alderon is recycleable at the end of its long lifetime, making it one of the environmentally friendly roofing product.

Fire Performance

Alderon is difficult to burn, it is a self-extinguishing
material, the flame will stop  as soon as the source of
the fire is removed.


Cutting Alderon is a breeze with even the most basic
of tools. You can simply use a jigsaw.


Alderon is warrantied for 15 years.

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