AlderonLite® is latest innovation of Alderon® which is pioneer of hollow curve uPVC roof with best quality. Designed as a solution to meet your roofing needs.

AlderonLite® is the first uPVC twinwall corrugated roofing with a thickness of 6mm that made and formulated with the best quality materials, so it is lighter in weight but still maintain its solidness and sturdiness.

AlderonLite® is reinforced by a UV resistant formula that makes the AlderonLite® protected from ultraviolet rays and weather changes. So that makes you feel safe and comfortable when using the AlderonLite® roof.

AlderonLite® is warrantied for 15 years.

alderon lite atap upvc gelombang berongga yang ringan
icon atap alderon lite higher pitch



AlderonLite is designed with a higher pitch to prevent water from overflowing during high water discharge and reduce leakage in the overlapping section.

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icon alderon lite strong interlocking system


Interlocking System

A strong interlocking system is a new innovation from AlderonLite, this makes AlderonLite safe when stepped on when maintaining the roof.

icon alderon tahan bahan kimia chemical resistant


Chemical Resistant

AlderonLite has excellent resistance to chemicals.

icon alderon tidak berkarat corrosion resistant



AlderonLite is made to win out over the corrosive environment that traditional roofs cannot resolve.

icon wider waterway atap upvc alderon lite



This feature makes AlderonLite able to accommodate more rainwater discharge.

icon atap alderon peredam suara



The combination of the AlderonLite structure design and particular twinwall feature also helps reduce the sound, specially when there is a heavy rain outside.


Twinwall Corrugated

The Anatomy

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spesifikasi ukuran alderon lite
Type Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Effective Width (mm) Height (mm) Pitch (mm) Weight* (kg/Lm) Length** (mm) Colors
Alderon Lite 6 748 664 45 221 3.4 Customize Blue Doff, White Doff & White Translucent

* Kg/Lm is weight per linear meter. Weight tolerance +/- 5%
** Length can be customized according to your need, subject to minimum order quantity


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Alderon Lite Brochure

Get complete information about the specifications and features of Alderon product

Other Features

Of Alderon Lite

Fire Performance

AlderonLite is difficult to burn, it is a self-extinguishing material, the flame will stop as soon as the source of the fire is removed.

Superior Impact Resistance

AlderonLite unique formula and its twinwall structures offers extraordinary impact strength and rigidity.


AlderonLite is recycleable at the end of its long lifetime, making it one of the environmentally friendly roofing.

Fade Resistant

AlderonLite is fortified by UV resistant feature to protect the sheet from the sun’s ultra violet radiation and severe weather condition, ensuring not only its durability but also the beauty of AlderonLite throughout the years.

Low Maintenance Cost

You do not need special care and incur additional costs for future treatment, because AlderonLite comes with a surface that can easily repel dirt.

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