Latest Innovation From Alderon: Alderon Flat Hollow

alderon flat hollow plafon pvc

Latest Innovation From Alderon: Alderon Flat Hollow

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As a pioneer in twinwall corrugated uPVC roofing in Indonesia, Alderon continues to innovate to bring the best quality uPVC products according to market needs. This time, Alderon is back to innovate with Alderon Flat Hollow which comes with 3 variant, i.e. ​Flat Ceiling Panel, Flat Wall Panel, and Flat Flooring & Barrier. 

Alderon FCP (Flat Ceiling Panel) specifically made as a ceiling for various areas, e.g. commercial area, residential, wet area, or animal farm. Meanwhile, Alderon FWP (Flat Wall Panel) specifically made as a cladding and partition for various buildings, such as commercial, industrial, factory, etc. It’s different with Alderon FFB (Flat Flooring & Barrier) that specifically made as a flooring and barrier, e.g. decking panels for mezzanine flooring, portable floor panel for temporary structures, and many more. 

Alderon Flat Hollow is made by combining excellent chemical resistant properties, thermal insulation, water tightness, low handling weight; and is easy to install or customized with decorative film laminations to fulfill your various needs from the industrial sector, commercial area, or your home. 

Find out more information about Alderon Flat Hollow here. If you have further questions or want to have a consultation about Alderon Flat Hollow products, you can fill out this form or call us at 021 2188 2099.

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