Alderon RS is made from uPVC material that is re-formulated and re-engineered to enhance the structural performance of the customary uPVC material, making it outperforms the regular uPVC roofing products in the market.

uPVC stands for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. Generally, what people know is PVC. So, what is the difference between PVC and uPVC? There are several variances of PVC, but only two types of PVC that are mostly used in everyday life, ie plasticized PVC and unplasticized PVC.

The plasticized PVC is made by adding a plasticizer additive in its production process to make it flexible or easily bent, example for this type of PVC is the hose, the electric cable, shoe sole, etc.

uPVC in contrary, there is no plasticizer additive is added in the making of it. As a result, the product made from uPVC is rigid, and doesn’t flex, products usually made from this type of PVC are window frames, doors, fascia, claddings, roofing, etc.

Unlike metal roof, Alderon RS won’t rust, it also doesn’t give as much noise as metal roof in case any rain. Alderon RS also reduces the heat from outside, so you can save your air condition cost, saving your time and money as you don’t have to install the heat insulation foil below your roof.

Alderon Twinwall has two layers of wall while Alderon RS has one layer of wall. In addition Alderon Twinwall and Alderon RS also has different product specification such as longer pitch. This types can be adjusted to your needs. For more information about Alderon RS, you can visit this page.

Alderon RS is formulated to be installed outdoors. The lifespan of the Alderon RS however, can also be affected by how it is installed, where it is installed.

Alderon RS is warrantied for 5 years.

Yes, made to order lengths are available, subject to minimum order quantity. For more information about Alderon RS product specification click here.

Predrilling the holes will prevent the possible damage or wrapping on the panel caused by simply nailing the panel into place. Predrilling also ensures some space allocation for the expansion and contraction due to the temperature changes.

Alderon RS is strong and rigid enough to bear your weight. However, for a safety reason, walking on a roof during the installation is not recommended. Please ensure that you step only on the structure. A use of a crawl board is also very much recommended.

For Alderon RS installation manual, please click here.

Alderon RS is suitable for many applications:

  • House roof
  • Patio, canopy, awning
  • Car porch, garage
  • Car wash
  • Fence
  • Greenhouse
  • Animal farm
  • Warehouse
  • Chemical factory, laboratorium

Alderon RS is practically maintenance free. Alderon RS unique formula keeps its surface smooth and easily cleanse the dirt away by simply hosing it with water. In case any dirt remains, gently wipe off with a soft cloth. Please do not use brush or sharp instrument as they might scratch the sheet.

You can purchase Alderon products through Official Distributor or Building Materials Dealer.

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