Alderon RS 1000: Alderon’s Latest Products for Heavy Rainfall

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Alderon RS 1000: Alderon’s Latest Products for Heavy Rainfall

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Alderon, well-known as a leading brand for the best quality uPVC products, presents Alderon RS 1000 to give more variety of Alderon’s affordable and eco-friendly products. Alderon RS 1000 comes with a wider pitch which is designed for better rainwater drainage. 

Alderon RS 1000 is the latest product from Alderon RS, a single-ply uPVC roof that is very lightweight but strong, practically opaque, corrosion free, self extinguishing, easy to fabricate, chemical resistant, and of course very durable. 

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Comes with a wider pitch than other profiles, Alderon RS 1000 has 1000 mm or the exact 1 meter effective width with various choice of lengths ranging from 1.8 meters up to 6 meters and still has 4 attractive color variants, White, Grey, Lite Grey, and Soft Blue. 

Find out more information about Alderon RS 1000 here or download brochure. If you have further questions or want to have a consultation about Alderon roofing products, you can fill out this form or call us at 021 2188 2099.

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